Fentanyl: The Drug Deadlier Than Heroin film

Fentanyl: The Drug Deadlier Than Heroin (52 minutes) This cinéma vérité feature film follows the lives of people in Alberta affected by the powerful opioid fentanyl. The underlying source of the fentanyl crisis in Canada traces back to 2012, when the notorious prescribed painkiller OxyContin was pulled from pharmacy shelves in lieu of a "safer" alternative, OxyNeo. This was the point in time when counterfeit fentanyl disguised as fake OxyContin pills arose, proliferated, and sparked a full-on crisis in the country—with Canada's west being a major epicentre.”


Filming the opioid epidemic: 5 must-see documentaries



America's Deadliest Drug: Fentanyl | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

“On the latest episode of Patriot Act, Hasan discusses America’s opioid epidemic and the recent spike in deaths due to one drug in particular: fentanyl. One of the most powerful drugs ever created, Fentanyl is a highly potent opiate that’s now the leading cause of overdose deaths in the United States. Hasan looks into its makers and distributors, from cartels to pharmaceutical companies like Insys and Teva, to discern how it has been able to wreak so much havoc on so many lives.”


PBS NewsHour: How a brain gets hooked on opioids

A five minute video and article which explains how opioid addiction works.


Opioids: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


Opioids II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

An informative two part report by John Oliver about opioids.

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